SWRTJ is implemented in Xtext, in particular, using the latest stable version (1.0.2). Here are the steps to have the right version of Xtext:

  • Download the eclipse product available from here (the Helios release) for your operating system, version Xtext 1.0.2, unpack it and run it.
  • Now you can install the SWRTJ plugin, either by downloading the zip file and extract it into the eclipse folder, or by using the update site (which we reccomend) as follows:
  • Add the update site for SWRTJ,

    SWRTJ update site 

  • and select the SWRTJ feature, install it and restart eclipse

You can download the sources and binaries (released under GPL), from the SourceForge site.

  • The stand-alone command line compiler can be run simply by the command line specifying the name of the input file(s); the Java files will be generated in the directory src-gen. E.g.,
    java -jar swrtjcompiler-1.0.2.jar Main.swrtj
    The jar is self-contained, so no other Java package is required.
  • For the installation of the Eclipse plugin for the SWRTJ IDE see the next section (the plugin includes the compiler)
  • The source code can be obtained through the svn repository
    svn co swrtj


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